Monday, 27 August 2018

Wonder Rocket Project Mission #3

Think like an Engineer!!

Today we got to put our engineering thinking caps on to create our own test rockets. We had to think about key design elements like strength and durability, safety and stability, and efficiency and reliability.

We used the engineering design process to help create our rockets. There are four steps we had to think about:
  1. What problem did we need to solve?
  2. Use our imagination to think of some ideas and put them down on paper
  3. Create a model to test our ideas
  4. Improve our model to make it better

Our first draft plans 

Our ambassadors supported us to think about the 3 laws of motion and how an object moves through space. We also learnt that there are some important design aspects that we needed to include in our plans like a 'nose cone' and 'fins'. This will help our rocket fly high in the sky without flipping.

Next week we will launch our first test rockets and then see how we can improve them to fly better.

Here are some pictures from our session today:

Dietrich and Isaac checking our workmanship


One of the test rockets ready for launch

Busy looking for the right materials to use for our rockets

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Rocket Wonder Project Mission #1 and #2


Homai School!

The Rocket Challenge is a 4-6 weeks unit of work exploring the real-world context of rockets.  It is part of the Wonder Project, which is Engineering New Zealand's schools programme.  It is created especially to get young Kiwis excited about science, technology, engineering and maths. 

The Rocket Challenge is led by the teacher and the students, and supported by Engineering New Zealand's industry ambassadors.  The ambassadors have worked with Engineering NZ before, and they come from a range of different fields - from scientists to rocket designers to bridge builders.

Meeting our Ambassadors -
Havea, Dietrich and Isaac
As part of the challenge, these ambassadors will mentor the students (and the teacher), and work with the students to design, build and test the rockets.  

Our first mission was to come up with a cool crew name and research all the different roles in a rocket career and what people in those roles do and what subjects they might have taken to get there.

Homai Rocks It! About Us:
Launchpad:  Homai School
Crew Name:  Homai Rocks it! 
Chief Safety Advisor:  Mr Hutchinson
Chief Engineers:  Isaac, Havea & Dietrich
Crew Members: Junaid-Bo, Corbin, Avalon, Rangimarie, Wardah, Kartik, Berry, Zinzan, Journey and Mereana.

Avalon, Zinzan and Corbin researching
their different roles